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Poppy Drive

This year’s Poppy Drive was a great success. Great weather and a lot of help from the JRNROTC. Cadets helped us substantially exceed last year’s total of approximately $5000 to over $6,000. Post members that stepped up to volunteer their time were Bud Van Slyke, Dick Seale, Sam Coxson, Nancy and Doug Uhland, Iggy Husar, Kaz Barcynski, Bill Stanton, Dan Leister, John Sauerwald, Denny Colbert, Lovay Singleton, Dave Nelson, Archie Asadourian, Gary Guodace, Roy Grubb, Dave Taylor and Mark Sandvigen (not all pictured below). Several of these folks worked multiple shifts. Thank You to all who made this event happen.

new bern and havelock walmarts

may 26 and 27, 2018

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